Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Celebrate Good Times

By Martha Reed

I know most folks think summer starts on Memorial Day but that has always seemed to early in the year for me plus that holiday weekend is usually rainy and cold and that’s not what I want when I think of summer.

For me summer is watermelon and frozen Snickers bars and banana popcicles. It’s that slight sunburn you get on the top of your shoulders and on the tip of your nose. It’s lazy afternoon naps because you stayed up way too late during the night once things cooled off and you suddenly found yourself restless and full of energy at eleven p.m. when sensible people were inside sleeping in the air conditioning. Best of all, summer means the Fourth of July three-day weekend plus fireworks and it usually involves travel, too, which makes a hat trick in my book.

This year was no exception because my niece needed a ride to Washington DC for a conference and so my sisters and I decided to spend the weekend in DC to celebrate the national holiday in our nation’s capital. We had to overcome two hurdles: 100 degree heat and about a million other people lining Constitution Avenue to watch the parade and afterwards clog the Mall to watch the fireworks display but once again luck came into play when one of my cousins invited us to watch the fireworks from his office building on 15th street between F & G. Okay, I thought that was a nice gesture and since his office was on the 10th floor at least we would be above the crowd and since I’m from Pittsburgh and not a Washington insider, his address meant nothing to me, uhm, until I got there.

So here I am, enjoying a cold beer on the terrace overlooking the Treasury Building. Oh, and not to mention, The White House, too. I have to admit I love it when life gets swell!

Happy Independence Day, everyone! I hope you all enjoyed a safe and happy holiday.


Annette said...

That is totally cool, Martha!

PatRemick said...

Wow, what a wonderful fireworks view you had! When I had a job transfer to DC years ago, I lived in the Hotel Washington that overlooks Treasury for a while -- incredible views. And I know while you were having fun in DC, you also were safe because my son the DC Metro cop was on duty - imagine how hot that bulletproof vest is! I loved your paragraph describing summer -- makes me want to go take a summer nap right now (at 7:28 am.)!

Laurissa said...

It sounds like you had a great time Martha! What a view.

Popsicles and watermelon, sounds like summer to me, too!

Your niece is one lucky girl to have her aunts care so much.

Joyce Tremel said...

Excellent spot for fireworks! Number one son gave tours of the Capitol to visiting disabled vets and other dignitaries until 8:30. After that, he took his date to the west terrace where they watched the rest of the concert and fireworks.

If I knew you were going to be in DC, I would have badgered my son to get you into the Capitol!

Martha Reed said...

Hot as it was, I want to move to DC! I love Georgetown but my sister is right - with my salary I'd still have to live in PGH and commute...

Ramona said...

Martha, a flag and a beer at a parade? You cannot get more patriotic American than that.

Martha Reed said...

Joyce, I could hear the concert but couldn't see it from my perch. There were a lot of things going on and it was a great day to be in DC. I hope your son found a piece of shade and a cold beer, too.

The first aid station was filled with band members passed out from the heat. That's dedication!