Friday, September 17, 2010

Fall, New TV Season

by Pat Gulley

So Fall is almost here, more here than not, and I’m dragging out the Fall decorations. Yes, I like decorating for autumn almost as much as I like decorating for Christmas. Yeah, I throw in a few Halloween things, but not much as we don’t get any trick-or-treaters in the moorage. But I do bring out my two-foot-tall Hildy the Witch on Labor Day to watch over things until Thanksgiving.

Sorry, I didn’t want to bog down into décor, the other major fall event is a whole new season of TV to get excited about just moments before getting thoroughly disgusted with the new offerings. Mystery Scene On-Line Magazine had a nice list of the new stuff relating to mysteries, however they all seem to be more cops, more spin-offs of cops and variations of cops, more lawyers, more updated spin-offs of old shows about secret agents and old cop shows. Oh yeah, and another bunch of gangsters we’re suppose to care about. Of course, I’ll watch them all, but I’m bored already. Thank the sprits for vampire shows, and I did hear there will be a least two more supernatural series supposedly coming out soon.

What does this tell us? They can’t think of anything new. So why are we knocking ourselves out? Maybe we should just get in the habit of writing in to all these shows and offering ideas for stories. Maybe someone would buy one. It isn’t like creating a whole new story of any kind. You don’t even have to have the episode written. You have the whole story in front of you and all you have to do is submit an idea for a show. Chances are 100 will be rejected before you get a bite, but it could happen, and in theory how is this different from querying. Certainly is less work than having a polished manuscript ready before you start trying to get it published.

And have you noticed how many returning shows change their format and add and subtract so many characters. That leaves you free to offer, near the end of the season, a complete rewrite for them to consider. (Don’t even think about asking me who ‘them’ is.) But it’s something to consider.

So, what show would you like to write an episode for? Which would you like to totally revamp?

I’d love to write an episode of the Vampire Diaries. I want to add a Hunter.

And you?????????


Ramona said...

Just for kicks, I would like to write an episode starring former TV cops and sleuths (Magnum, Jessica Fletcher, Columbo, Charlie's Angels, Rockford, Simon & Simon--whowever's still alive) and have them fall over themselves to solve some crime. Like an episode of the Love Boat for retired fictional sleuths. A silly idea, yes, but it would be fun to have a final reprisal of some of these roles.

Kathye Quick said...

I am looking forward to Hawaii 5-0 with Alex O'laughlin and The Event with D B Sweeney (Toe-Pick - remember him?)

As to whatI'd like to rewrite is some of last sesaon's Heroes. It went off on a tangent that was so wierd. Maybe that's why it's going to be the last season

Liss said...

Last year's Flash Forward - I thought it could have used a reduction in characters.

Agree with Kathye's comment about Heroes although for me it would be the last two seasons. The last two seasons of Alias could have used a rewrite as well.

Patg said...

Wow, and since cruise ship murders are popular right now, it wouldn't even have to be the Love Boat. I think that would be funny.
Me too, on the Hawaii-5-0 show, however haven't seen too much hype for the Event.
Unfortunately, I didn't get into Flash Forward, so if you reduced the characters, what direction would you take the plot?

Joyce said...

Count me in on Five-O. I'd watch Alex O'Loughlin in just about anything!

And Blue Bloods with Tom Selleck. Ditto above comment.

Anonymous said...

I'll stick with the BBC crowd. Give me a MI-5, Mystery Theater,etc. anytime. I like to spend my time with spies, codes and detectives from the UK.

Lawyers, doctors, etc. we get enough of them in real life.

Give me a spook any day!!


Norma said...

I'm on a TV strike - sort of. I haven't watched a single new show. I've been reading, but I should be writing!