Friday, September 10, 2010

"There's Your Sign"

By Laurissa

Years ago I had a boyfriend complain that I had to make “an event out of everything” and he didn’t like it. What did he mean by my making an “event” out of everything, you might be wondering; it’s kind of an odd complaint to make -- right?

Well this particular comment was made in reference to my driving five miles to the local farm market to buy apples instead of going to the chain grocery store located less than a mile from my home and buying my apples at the same time as I did my normal grocery shopping. I had invited him to come with my daughter and me, but he refused, because he felt that it was silly to drive that far for apples.

When somebody questions something like that, there is really no need to try and explain. When you feel that you have to defend your choice of something as small as where and how you buy apples, “there’s your sign!”

Now that September is here I’m really looking forward to my weekly visit to this particular farm market and its apple harvest. Not only do they sell an array of apples and other fruits and vegetables they also sell freshly baked donuts and pies, made to order subs, ice cream cones, apple cider for a dime a cup, and so many other items too numerous to list.

In addition to the wonderful locally grown produce, there’s a gorgeous lake with ducks and geese and a beautiful patio on the property. In October there are corn stalks, pumpkins, wagon rides, mazes, caramel and candied apples.

Oh, and by the way, he was right. It is an event, and one I won’t miss out on. I’m glad that I’m not so jaded that I can’t take pleasure in and make events out of some of the simpler things in this life. This October when my daughter is home from medical school for fall break, we’ll be there with our apple cider and blueberry donuts, sitting outside on the patio watching the children as they run and play through the maze and fallen red, gold, and orange hued leaves. It’s my favorite season, and whenever I’m there with my daughter, all’s right in my world.

Do you  have a particular activity that you participate in, place or event that makes you feel that “all is right” in your world?

Also, have you ever received an odd complaint from a boyfriend or girlfriend, husband or wife? If it's not too personal, would you mind sharing it with us?


Gina said...

Well, my ex-husband was 6'1" and I was 5'1 1/2" and he complained that he always felt as if he was on the up end of a seesaw.

Wilfred Bereswill said...

"Also, have you ever received an odd complaint from a boyfriend or girlfriend, husband or wife?"

"Heck Laurissa, I find every complaint my wife has about me, odd. Afterall, I am perfect in every way. In fact, I'm soooo perfect that I overlook most of her many faults."

He couldn't surpress the laughter as he typed.

Occasionally, we go to the local wineries to buy our wine rather than buying the same wine from a local supermarket. Unknown to most, The areas surrounding St. Louis are now the second largest wine country in the US; so I've been told. There are over 40 wineries within an hour on my home.

We also go pick our own apples occasionally.

But driving to a farmer's market for apples???? That's plain crazy!!! ;)

Laurissa said...

Thanks Will and Gina! Will, as always you made me laugh. :-)

Patg said...

Farmer's markets abound in the Portland area and surrounds. I can't imagine NOT driving all over the place for all those fresh items when they are in season.
Berries? From a supermarket?
Thou jests.

Gina said...

I do like the "pick your own" farms, but they always end up being "pick way too much." :) I'm not into canning, so I end up giving away a lot of blueberries, etc. or bringing them to meetings (like crique groups) as snacks.

Annette said...

My All-is-Right-with-the-World spot is standing on the beach at Lake Erie...since I rarely make it to the ocean. For the past two years I haven't made it to Erie either.

We have an orchard a few miles from here that sells apples fresh off the tree. Think I'll make a point to stop there this weekend...

pabergs said...

My All-is-Right-with-the-World spot is Mackinaw Island. The water is just so blue. And Kilwin's Ice Cream has a Lemon Sorbetto to die for. I swear it's addicting.

Today's "event" was making applesauce with apples from the tree in my backyard. Second batch this year and looks like lots more to come. But I will still go to the fruit farm, too, for the donuts!