Thursday, September 09, 2010

Where Does It Go?

by Joyce

Can someone tell me where the hell the month of August went? It was here a minute ago. I swear. One minute it was August 1st, and then all of a sudden it's September. How does that happen?

Some people thrive on being busy. Not me. I like a routine. I get so much more done that way. And as much as I like vacations and getaways, they wreak havoc on my routine. Hubby and I went to Gettysburg for a long weekend for our 30th anniversary and I've been trying to play catch up ever since. Does anyone else have that problem?

As a result, this is a really short blog post. I'm trying to outsmart myself with the next getaway by trying to get things done in advance. Think there's any chance that will work? What do you do to keep things/life/etc. on track when your normal schedule is disrupted? I'll be mostly offline until next week, but please leave your suggestions and comments. I REALLY need to know!


PatRemick said...

Sometimes I have to work so far ahead to take time off that it doesn't seem worth it. But it is. Although it is a constant struggle to keep things on track, sometimes I step back and think, "you know, the only one who cares that I'm off schedule is me and does one more day matter?" I think we can get into routines like that which are not good ones. So maybe being off-kilter is a good thing because it helps us readjust our compass? And Happy Anniversary!

Linda Leszczuk said...

I think the month of August was stolen. It can't have disappeared that fast on its own. But who would have taken it? And why? And how? OMG, it's a mystery! We need a mystery writer!

Laurie said...

It does seem like the month of August was stolen! Well, I'm like you Joyce in that I like following a routine or at least like to feel that I have a little control over my day.

Plan, plan, plan! is my answer. I've had to do a lot of traveling recently and I just have to plan for it otherwise, I'd go bonkers! My routine in planning for a trip might be a little busier, but I like busy, and for me, planning to travel is almost half the fun.

I hate returning home to a lot of unfinished business, etc. So if I know in advance that I'm going to be out of town, I plan and get as much as I can done in advance. That's what works for me.

Although I'm sure it can be done the other way: I could just plan to get caught up when I return home, but that would never work for me, and from what you say, I don't think that it would work for you.

Have fun! Enjoy your trip.

Gina said...

I think the month of August evaporated in all the heat.

Annette said...

Routine? What's that? I seem to remember the concept from back in the days when Hubby had a job. But the entire summer has been a practice in improvisation.

I don't care how much you try to get done before you leave on vacation, it will still take you two weeks to get caught up when you get home.

Have a good time anyway, Joyce!

Wilfred Bereswill said...

It's not August???

I'm still trying to figure out where the hell July went. With the wedding, sending my girls to college and now my married daughter being picked for HGTV's My First Place, I'm not sure what end is up.

I'm trying to hang on for a few more weeks until I wing my way to Play Del Carmen.

By the way, July and August did feel like hell in St. Louis. Officially we had the 4th hottest summer on record.

Patg said...

I think the whole summer blew by in a blur. I hardly remember leaving my doors open. Sheesh.
I love distractions! Bring them on!!! I'm retired eight years and I did all that stuff one claims they want to do, so now routine is a major bore.

Laurie said...

Sorry, I know this is off topic but I can't let it pass without asking Will for more info about his daughter being picked for HGTV's My First Place!

When will it air, etc. How exciting!

Wilfred Bereswill said...

They got wind of the opportunity through their realtor. They filled out an application, had a telephone interview and then an on-camera interview. They were selected last week.

The film crews are in the St. Louis area until the end of the year. They have until then to buy a house. Right now they are reviewing homes in the area for potential. They are supposed to pick 3 to 5 homes to view with the film crew.

If they buy and close by the end of December they are eligable for a house-warming gift.

We don't know when it will air, but would guess sometime early next year.

Laurie said...

I'll be watching for it, Will. I just recently started watching HGTV and have become a fan.

Jenna said...

How cool, Will! They've contacted us a couple of times to see if we'd be interested in being on House Hunters, but it's always been at a time when we haven't had any suitable buyers, or any buyers willing to do the camera thing. So it's never worked out. Hope it works out all right for your daughter!