Thursday, August 04, 2011

Plotting or Plodding?

By Paula Matter

I had expected this to be my wrap-up post on my adventures in gardening. Since I started blogging about my garden back in May (April? Let me go look up when it actually was. Details are so important when writing. Only take me a minute to check).

Huh. Early June. Somehow it seems much longer.

Anyway, while I have some photos today, the garden is still not finished. Not at all where I want it to be.

Before I show the photos (I know, the suspense is killing you, isn’t it? Meh.) I’d like to share some of what I’ve learned:

* Ramona was right about people sharing plants. I now have a beautiful lychnis (yeah, I didn’t know what it was either--just that it was pretty), and a tall yellow plant (I’ll go look it up. Be right back. . .) Okay. I still don’t know, but it’s similar to a sunflower. And my neighbor now has a clump of my coreopsis.

*I learned how to divide my coreopsis.

*A newly uprooted plant needs to be plopped back into the ground fairly quickly.

*A shovel might be my most valuable tool. One evening I planted an iris in the perfect spot. Next morning, not so perfect. I dug that sucker up and replanted where it still remains.

*Patience. I want to divide my pink hibiscus, but must wait until the proper time.

*Rabbits don’t like to be squirted with hoses.

So, if you’re still with me, here are some more photos of my gardening WIP.

Before the mulch. Notice the hibiscus to the left of the statue.

One month later, it's taller than the statue. Amazing what happens when a plant is placed in the right spot.

The divided coreopsis which has doubled in size.

See? Only 3 photos. Maybe next time I blog I'll be finished and have more photos to share. I can hardly wait!


Joyce said...

Looking good!

Next time you're in Pittsburgh, stop by. I have plenty of plants I need to divide. My gardens are very full. I'm glad something likes the heat better than I do.

Jenna said...

Lovely! I'm not much of a gardener, but DH likes digging in the dirt. We have nothing like that, though. Just a few flowerbeds along the edges of the house. The one in the back looks rather nice. The one in the front - facing south - not so much. Too much sun, I think. And it's been 100 degrees here the past couple of weeks, so things are yellowing fast. Still, nice to look at while it lasts!

Ricky Bush said...

Now that water rationing has hit my part of Texas, all the plants that I nursed through the heat will suffer with our 106 degrees day. Enjoyed looking at yours.

Gina said...

Looks good, Paula. My gardening this year has consisted of trying to keep the day lilies, barberry hedge and mulberry bush from overwhelming the sidewalk; the English ivy and wild grapes have essentially conquered the porch. Luckily, the weeds have been blooming enough that I can call the yard a wildflower garden with a straight face.

Patg said...

Looks great. Wish I had someone to share plants with. I NEED them. None to give away, lucky if what I have lasts. However, I bought two bougenvillea (sp) for a bench planter I acquired and expected them to barely bloom. Well, they may take over the front deck. If they last through next year (in the north????) they may own the front of the house.