Thursday, September 22, 2011

If It Ain't Broke, Don't Fix It

By Paula Matter

Show of hands. How many of you immediately know what I’m referring to with the title? Ah ha. I see all of those hands. Y’all are smart, but I already knew that.

For the few of you who didn’t raise your hand, that’s okay. Actually, not doing so probably makes you smarter. It tells me that you’re not on Facebook.

Or you’re on Facebook, but aren’t bothered by the recent changes. More power to you. The rest of us are annoyed as hell.

I’d like to be able to finish that sentence with ‘and we’re not gonna take it anymore.’ But we will. Because we did when other changes were made.

Remember when we were left in the dark on who was friends with each other? Yeah, so do I. A lot of people complained and then we kinda just got used to it.

I’m at a loss to come up with the many other changes Facebook has implemented over the years. Guess that tells me I’ll get used to these changes as well.

But for now, this song keeps playing in my head. . .

So. Are you on Facebook? Do you mind the changes? Do you remember any of the other changes? What would you like to see gone? Added? Not messed with?


Annette said...

I've been thinking the same thing as you, Paula. As much as we're all bitching and moaning about the changes, we'll adapt and get used to them. Heck, we'll probably forget what it was like BEFORE them.

The news feed is an attempt to turn Facebook into Twitter, but in my mind, they're two totally different animals. Being a farm girl, the phrase "tits on a bull" comes to mind.

One thing I do with they'd bring back is the little box with links to our websites/blogs in it. Without that it's hard to self-promote and be subtle about it.

And, Paula, thanks for the David Bowie clip. Love him.

Annette said...

I meant "One thing I do WISH they'd bring back..."

Should not post before morning coffee.

Jenna said...

Not messed with, please. I liked Old Facebook. But then I'm not on FB a lot anymore. It's mostly Twitter now, when I'm anywhere at all. I probably don't quite 'get' the point of social media, to be honest. To me it's just a quick, easy to way to keep in touch with people. I don't have to call them on the phone. But as for the whole networking and promo thing... don't get that at all.

CPatLarge said...

Watch out...more to come:


Ramona said...

Dare I suggest the folks at FB are like writers who can't help themselves and keep tinkering with their pages?

I'm with Annette. It was annoying. Now I'm getting used to it.

Working Stiffs said...

First off, I've got congratulate Jenna on her big news! In case you missed it, follow this link:

Go, Jennie!!

Working Stiffs said...

Exactly, Annette. As I said, I don't even remember what the other annoying changes were.

What little box with links?


Working Stiffs said...

Jenna, I like FB because it's been incredibly easy to reconnect with folks I've known for years, but contact with.

No networking or promo for me unless it's someone's work. Oh, and this blog when it's my turn to write.


Working Stiffs said...

CP, that's just scary. Thanks for providing the link.

Anyone know how to make all of your friends close friends? In one shot?

The ticker is probably the most annoying new feature, IMHO.


Working Stiffs said...

I love that suggestion, Ramona. You could be on to something.

And, yep, I believe we'll get used to it.


CPatLarge said...

Paula (and everyone!), if you use Chrome, you can disable that annoying FB ticker with this:

Worked for me!