Monday, October 31, 2011


by Gina Sestak

What scares you?  Really scares you?  Do you spend your nights alone, crafting terrifying stories in a room lit only by your computer screen?  Or do you, like me, sometimes need to grab the cat and sit outside until the menacing vibes inside the house are gone?    Are you a coward when it comes to ghosts?  I know I am.

So why do I watch scary movies like this one?

Ghosts aren't the only frightening things that come around this time of year.  The flocking of our feathered friends may well portend disaster, too.

Then there are the myriad dead and undead.

If you watch closely, you may see me as a zombie extra in the mall portion of this movie, Dawn of the Dead.  I was thinner then, but since we filmed outside in the dead of winter (no pun intended), that is hard to tell because I was wearing 5 sets of clothes.  Between takes we zombies would all huddle around the lights, trying not to freeze.

Sometimes the scary things are aliens, able to take on any form in an instant.

And sometimes, the scary things come out of games . . .

I saw this film, Ra.One, yesterday afternoon at Loew's Waterfront and it is awesome.   Thrills, stunts, special effects, tragedy, and humor, all wrapped around the touching story of a game-designer father trying to win his gamer son's respect.  It's lots of fun to watch, so catch it while you can!


Kelly Robinson said...

Zombies, monsters, etc. can be creepy while I'm watching them, but I'm not scared after they end -because I know they're not real. Now give me a more realistic thriller --like 'Panic Room'-- and I won't sleep for a week.

Gina said...

Kelly -
Ra.One has realistic elements, in the sense that it deals with the issue of trying to convince kids that invincible bad guys aren't really cooler than the good guys. This is done through cartoon violence that is not particularly scary, but the film also makes the point that when real people get killed it's permanent - they stay dead.

Patg said...

The weirder and spookier the better. The only think I dislike is gruesome and gross.
Did anyone catch GRIMM Friday and Saturday? Filmed right here is weird and spooky Portland.
PS My word verification is gractu. That's from Gort's language.