Thursday, March 15, 2012

Saying Good-Bye

By Paula Matter

Two weeks ago this time, I was grateful I still had two weeks to come up with today’s blog post. My last one here at Working Stiffs. 
Saying good-bye isn’t easy.
Two weeks ago, I’d written about the sudden death of Davy Jones. Last Saturday I went to a memorial in Beavertown, PA to say good-bye to him. (There are tons of photos and videos on Facebook and Youtube. I have a couple of videos at both places).
Saying good-bye is not easy.
It helped that the atmosphere, the whole event wasn’t totally sad or somber. Lots of funny stories and good music helped ease the sadness. His life was celebrated and I was there with 500 others to help do it.
So that's how I decided to end my last post.

Y'know how you're suppose to give the audience what they want? Darcy Flynn, this one's for you:

Or you're suppose to leave 'em laughing?

My favorite clean joke:

Do you know why seagulls don't fly over bays?

Because then they'd be bagels.

No? Not laughing? Okay. Tell you what. Since this can't possibly be the last time we'll be together, next time we meet, I'll tell you some of my better, dirtier jokes.

Thanks, fellow Stiffs, and dear readers and commenters, for all of the good times.

Til next time. . .


Gina said...

Bagels? Good one. I'll miss reading your posts.

Maybe if we tell some more jokes, we can not be sad. Here's another clean one: what sits on the bottom of the ocean and shivers and shakes? A nervous wreck.

Ramona said...

Davy Jones was always smiling.

Not goodbye, Paula, how about see you someplace else?

Annette said...

Loved the Monkees. LOVED Davy Jones. Thanks for the link to that video.

I can vouch for the fact that Paula has enough dirty jokes in her repertoire to keep anyone entertained for HOURS.

Hey, Paula, spring's almost here. Let's do lunch!

C.L. Phillips said...


As a Philadelphia Delaware Valley Ornithological Club (DVOC) member in good standing, I can tell you haven't yet begun to hit rock bottom on seagull jokes.

Somewhere there's a Laughing Gull snickering at your joke, waiting for your freshly washed car. Remember, they travel in flocks!

Loved your joke, will miss you, hope to see you a Bcon.

Joyce Tremel said...

It's really not goodbye--we'll see each other at conferences. And I expect to see the VQS costume again.

Don't forget that although WS will be officially closed, the site will still be up and if you really have something to say, go ahead and post it!

Joyce Tremel said...

Here's a joke I saw on Twitter yesterday:

The past, the present, and the future walked into a bar. It was tense.

Patg said...

After the 'almost' hurricane winds this week at the coast, the sound of seagulls can be heard in the moorage. Okay with me. They are not deck landers. The stay on roofs or stantions.
Wish I could think of a joke.

Gina said...

And every day is a gift from God. That's why we call it the present.

It just hit me that the SEAgull joke has a connection to Davy Jones - his locker! Am I slow on the uptake or what/

Darcy Flynn said...


You are now my NEW BEST FRIEND! :) Facebook sent me the message from you about you leaving something for me at Working Stiffs! ! I couldn't believe what it could possibly be. As soon as I connected to the link and saw "Cuddly Toy" I started to cry. I'd been thinking of him all day and then there was that message from you and the video!

Thank You! I look forward to meeting you at a conference in the future!

Best Regards,

Paula Matter said...

I'm sitting here laughing and crying! Youins (did I get that right, ladies?) make me proud.

I know I'll see most of you at cons and wherever. Annette, soon, yes!

Darcy, you made MY day by responding the way you did.


Joyce Tremel said...

It's YINZ!