Thursday, December 04, 2008

A Little Quiz About Books

by Joyce

Since news of the publishing world, not the mention the rest of the economy, is so dismal these days, many people are opting to buy books for Christmas this year. (I think people should do that every year.) If you're going this route, don't buy your books from a chain. Be sure to support your favorite independent bookseller, or buy them from our favorite, Mystery Lovers Bookshop.

I came up with a little quiz to help you with your book selection. The quiz is for fun only, so don't expect any prizes. Besides, I included links to make it way too easy for you! It's like an open book test. Feel free to add your own questions in your comments.

  1. What author writes the popular Sookie Stackhouse mysteries? What is the name of the TV show based on these books?
  2. Nancy Martin wrote what popular series? Can you name them all in order?
  3. What is the name of the book released last year featuring Pittsburgh cop Colleen Greer? What is the name of this author?
  4. What Pittsburgh author writes about actress Rosie Winter? Where does Rosie live and what is her occupation? Bonus: What does this author's dog like to eat?
  5. Which popular author was 104 years old when she passed away this year?
  6. Who wrote the book Police Procedure & Investigation: A Guide for Writers?
  7. Name the two newest Working Stiffs (both, coincidentally, had debut novels this year). No hints on this one!
  8. Another author who passed away this year was Tony Hillerman. Where are his books set?
  9. Who wrote The Murders In the Rue Morgue?
  10. Name your favorite book, movie, or play with a Christmas theme.
Well, that's it kids. Have fun!


Joyce Tremel said...

I feel so unloved. Doesn't anyone want to come out and play???

Annette said...

Sorry, Joyce. You know I love you. I've been out all day and just got home.

I did have to look up the Sookie Stackhouse author, but I knew the rest, although putting the Blackbird Sisters books in chronological order is like trying to name the seven dwarfs.

As for the bonus question, Kathy MH writes about Rosie Winter and her dog's favorite food is her books. Hey, I follow the blog.

Jenna said...

I figured I was automatically disqualified, Joyce.

Joyce Tremel said...

No one's disqualified! Come on, you guys. You can do better than this!

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure I know at least one of the answers.

Joyce Tremel said...

Lee, you owe me a dollar for plugging your book.

Joyce Tremel said...

Since no one answered #10, I'm going to. I can't think of a favorite book with a Christmas theme, but one of my all-time favorite movies is White Christmas.

My three sisters and I do a pretty awesome rendition of the Sisters song.