Friday, July 01, 2011

Haunted Heart

We somehow missed scheduling someone for the first Friday of July, and I ended up on the second Friday instead. I thought I'd have to do both, since my legions of fans would naturally be flocking to the blog to see whatever brilliant inspiration I came up with, and I certainly didn't want them to go away disappointed... anyway, a friend has a new book out today, and since we didn't have anyone else scheduled - and since I didn't feel like writing two blogs myself - I told her she could promote her book. Romantic suspense, y'all.
Take it away, Carolyn Rosewood!

Rowena Sommers thought moving back home to restore her beloved Aunt’s home was the key to starting over. Van Whitney thought taking the job would keep his business afloat. When a ghost hunter tries to convince Rowena the home is haunted, can these two escape the past and find a future together?

Haunted Heart is first and foremost a romance, but it’s filled with mystery and intrigue as well. This story grew out of my fascination with old homes, especially Victorian homes, and had originally featured a paranormal investigator as the hero. As I began to write it, the idea to have the paranormal investigator be one of the villains intrigued me.

Since Rowena’s immediate goal is the restoration of her Aunt Lunette’s home, I wanted to give her something more to worry about than whether or not she’d sleep with Van, the man she hires to restore it. I thought it would be fun if someone were trying to convince her the home is haunted.

But that still wasn’t enough. I like to make my hero and heroine suffer. There had to be a reason why Trace wanted inside the walls of that home, so Aunt Lunette’s long-dead husband became the key to that answer. He hid something inside the walls that Trace wants. And when Van discovers one of his own crew is involved as well, the stakes become high for him too.

Haunted Heart has plenty of hot sex between Van and Rowena as they rekindle a love that started in high school. The book also features stolen money and stocks hidden behind plaster walls, a circuit interrupter and transmitter, planted to make Rowena think she’s hearing ghostly sounds and witnessing spirits play with the lights in her house, blueprints for a bank robbed in 1928, and a smoking device that gets out of hand one night, while Rowena is alone in the house, asleep.

I hope you’ll check out Haunted Heart!

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Carolyn Rosewood is the author of Haunted Heart and The Last Soul, the novella Hunted (a sequel to The Last Soul) and the short story Ghost of a Chance, part of the Midnight Collection anthology coming from Evernight Publishing in October. You can find out more about her and read excerpts of her work on her website,    


Joyce Tremel said...

That scheduling mix-up was totally my fault. I didn't see that little old July 1st sitting all by itself up in the corner. Sorry about that!

But it all worked out and we love having guest bloggers. Welcome, Carolyn! Your book sounds fascinating.

Carolyn Rosewood said...

Thank you so much Jennie, for having me here today!!

Carolyn Rosewood said...

Thank you, Joyce!! :)

Annette said...

Welcome, Carolyn. I, too, love old houses. Your book sounds terrific. Can't wait to read it.

Jenna said...

Ah, yes. Must read this one. Anything with an old house is A-OK with me! And even more so if there's a hot guy in it...

Congrats, Caro!xoxo

Carolyn Rosewood said...

Thanks, Annette and Jenna! I hope you both enjoy it! :)

C.L. Phillips said...


This is a book I want to read! Congratulations on getting it out, and thanks for coming to Working Stiffs.

Take care,


Carolyn Rosewood said...

Thank you so much, C.L.! :)