Monday, December 06, 2010


by Gina Sestak

Good morning, all.  It's my turn to post again, and I completely forgot!

This isn't anything new.  I've been a mush brain for as long as I can remember, but I usually make up for it.  

It's been that kind of a week.  On Friday morning, I got up and took the cat's medication by mistake.  Taffy takes* Tapazole for an overactive thyroid.  I was making coffee, feeding the cats, etc.  I took Taffy's morning dose out of the bottle and, without thinking, put it in my own mouth.  It wasn't until the unfamiliar after-taste hit me that I realized what I had done.  Since my health insurance is through Highmark, I was able to consult Blues on Call.  The nice woman I spoke with assured me that other people have taken their pets' medications, too.  I think she was lying.  She thought the dose was low enough that it wouldn't have any impact, but she referred me to the Poison Control Center just in case.  The person there also said the dose was likely harmless.  Still, I felt like a total flaming idiot.  Have you ever done anything that dumb?

*Anyone who has ever tried to give a cat medication knows that cats don't "take" it.  It's more like shoving a pill down the throat of a squirming furball with claws.


Jenna said...

I've never taken the dog's medication, but I know the feeling of ramming it down her throat. Makes you feel horrible to have to do that to the poor thing, yet it's the only thing that works. Hope the cat meds had no ill effects!

Joyce Tremel said...

Funny, Gina!

I've never had to give our current cat medicine. Our long-gone cat Shadow was prescribed something--I don't even remember what--but there was no way she was going to take it. She would have bitten my hand off first. And believe me, she tried.

Gina said...

Jennie - dogs will usually gulp down medication if you toss it to them wrapped in food. Cats, on the other hand, are picky, and will carefully lick away the favorite snack, leaving the pill intact. Or - my favorite - carefully walk around the medication-containing food, making scratching gestures as if burying it in a litter box.

Joyce - Believe me, I wouldn't go through this with Taffy if it wasn't necessary.

Unknown said...

Our dog can sniff out medicine from a hundred yards away. What I wouldn't give for that sense of smell. But then again, maybe thing is certain. If we human's had that sense of smell, there's probably lots of things you wouldn't be able to shove down our throats - like cat medicine. :)

Wilfred Bereswill said...


I know about the Monday slot and forgetting about posing. Something about the weekend and Monday mornings.

Before my Wheaton Terrier passed on, he had a talent for puking up any medication we'd give him, either by shoving it down his throat or wrapping it in a treat. Yet, when I'd be putting my meds in my little Daily containers, he'd invariably try to snatch one now and then.

Ramona said...

Oh, the nasty things I had to do for my dog.

Oh, how I wish my dog was still around, nasty things and all.

Amy said...

You're not alone, although for me, it was my dog's medicine. I also ended up on the phone with poison control. They were very nice about it and assured me I'd be okay. I wonder if this happens enough that it isn't funny or if their orientation includes tips for not letting the person on the other end know they're laughing at them!

Take Care,

Gina said...

Thanks, Amy. That makes me feel better.
Come to think of it, I did stab myself repeatedly with hypodermic needles when I had to give insulin to a diabetic cat some years ago, but I somehow managed never to inject any of the insulin into myself.