Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Random Thoughts & Thanks

By Paula Matter

Just when I was appreciating the fact that I don't have to blog until April, having Kelli Stanley here yesterday prompted this post.

I haven't met Kelli yet, but I'm sure looking forward to it when it happens. I friended her through Facebook probably because she's the friend of a friend of friend. Or some such. I really don't remember.

Thing is it wasn't until after friending her that I learned what a very cool, delightful person she is. I joined her Facebook fan page mainly because she had NOT invited me to do so. It really ticks me off when I get those e-mails. I mean, how --

No. Keep this post positive.

I got to thinking this morning how incredibly wonderful and supportive the mystery community is. Yeah, I'm sure sci-fi and romance and etc. are great, but I don't belong there, so...

This is a shout-out to all of the people who have helped me with my writing in one way or another the past several months. Hell, some of them have been helping me for MUCH longer than that. You know who you are.

In no particular order, I'd like to publicly thank the following folks. And, please, dear Lord, don't let me leave someone out. It'll be easy to do, so I apologize now. I'm sure more names will come to me as soon as I hit send. I'll try to update during the day. Key word being "try."

Susan Meier
Annette Dashofy
Nancy Martin
Hallie Ephron
Jan Brogan
S.J. Rozan
Donnell Bell
Lucienne Diver
Janet Reid (who still owes me $20 for the Patrick Lee shout-out last Saturday)
Kristen Weber
Linda Landrigan
Keith Kahla
Roberta Isleib

Might as well stop at lucky 13. I always was a rebel.

Now, back to work. All of us. Especially me. With all of those people behind me, I'd better not slack off. Some of them know where I live...


Kelli Stanley said...

Aw, Paula, you're a doll!! Thank you for that!! :)

I can't wait to meet you in person, either ... it's funny, some of my dearest friends I've never gotten to hug ... yet. ;)


Annette said...

I HAVE met Kelli in person, and she is a real hoot. Love ya, Kelli!

Paula, I expect to see my name on the acknowledgement page of your book one day. SOON.

Susan said...

Hey, Paula!

If you're like me you'll probably never read this...LOL! I only go back a few days after I post a blog.

But I have to say helping you has been fun. You have such a great voice and Maggie is such a great character that I truly expect to get that book in hardcover...for free of course! LOL

susan meier